How Does Antique Jewelry Fit Into a Modern Jewelry Business?

The benefits to carrying our antique jewelry are a matter of meeting your clients' taste. Today's' style sense can be expressed in one word--Individual.

The sense of personal style drives the trend today for women's highly individual looks. And jewelry must complement the stylish woman's wardrobe. Antique and period jewelry perfectly suits the ever evolving trends that women love now.

Period jewelry looks just as appealing paired with sleek modern designs as it does with romantic vintage styles. The reverse however is not true--Ultra modern jewelry looks out of place on the more feminine styles that women often wear. Offer your clientele the selection they want by adding eFiligree's original antique and period jewelry to your line. Don't lose a sale because your customer didn't find what they were looking for at your store.

We work with you to learn about what you sell, about your customers, and then we customize our period jewelry to be compatible with your customer's' lifestyle, taste and price range.
Read what some of our most valued customers say about eFiligree:

Jim Swords of Swords Jewelry says, "Adding eFiligree's antique jewelry to our inventory set us apart from other jewelers. These unique items have become strong sellers for us. More people today, especially young customers are buying the vintage look in jewelry. When you offer one-of-a-kind original antique jewelry---you're selling a rarity. That customer will never see anyone else wearing their piece. eFiligree is trustworthy to do business with."

Virginia Conn of Netterville Jewelry comments, "eFiligree has been a wonderful source of antique and vintage jewelry for us, and we appreciate the quality of their merchandise. Our clients love the pieces we get from eFiligree because they are very upscale with lovely designs, and beautifully maintained."

eFiligree: The Green Choice


Are you and your customers concerned with ecology saving measures?
Then you're right on track by offering eFiligree antique and period jewelry. The expertly restored jewelry from eFiligree is the green choice for you. Rich with history, crafted to old world standards, these precious items are the ultimate in eco-conscious jewelry.  You will be proud to sell these original pieces, and collectors will treasure their selection for years to come.  


Shop eFiligree with confidence. We present the broadest array of authentic fully restored filigree mountings from white gold to platinum--all one of a kind, giving you the competitive edge.

Retail customers are welcome to browse eFiligree. We'll help you find the nearest retail store to purchase these unique treasures.


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